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Different types of Staircases available in the Market

Stairs are common, and they are also a very old form of architecture. In the modern homes today, you will find varied types of staircase and each comes with its own set of advantages. When renovating or constructing a house if you require a stairway it is vital for you to select the best type of stairs for your house. Staircases are available in different forms and they are mainly categorized by their materials and styles. You can install a corner staircase to save your floor space or you can install a wooden staircase to decorate your house in a traditional way. If you look for a simple and cost-effective solution, then you can go for the steel balustrade.

How would you select the best staircase for your house?

When you have to select the stairs design for your home you would need to look at the available space. There are a lot of different styles, designs, materials, and you can customize the stairways according to the interiors of your house. Let us now take a look at the different types of staircase that we can select for a house:

#1. Arched staircase


This stairway is the peak of elegance in any home and the first image that will cross your mind will be of royalty descending from these very stairs. The steps are wedge-shaped and due to its arch form, the tapering of these steps will never be prominent. Due to its graceful appearance, this is exclusively designed at the entryways and foyers. If you want to make a grand impression or a looking for a main centerpiece of your house, then you can choose this staircase.

#2. Straight staircase

This is a simple design and the most popular one too. This is because these stairs are cost-efficient, functional and easy to use and maintain. In the classic design, the steps are located on the straight course of the staircase. The steps are properly spaced and even. If you have minimalist design and love simplicity over anything else, then these stairs are perfect for you. These stairways never create a barrier between the two floors and provide ample privacy to the homeowners.


#3. Corner staircase

If you are planning to have a staircase in the corner area of your house, then this design is perfect for you. They are best known as quarter landing stairs. These stairs are basically much similar to the straight stairs but with a change of design. The steps are supplemented with a landing that rotates around 90 degrees. This stairway looks more like an L shape and has more than one landing. These stairs are the most convenient to use and are also safe due to the multiple landings that they provide. Constructing this stairway will also be logical and practical use of the house space if you are facing a space crunch.

#4. Winder staircase


Winder staircase looks attractive and beautiful but is dangerous to tread on. This is because they do not have any landing on the stairways in the rotation of 90 or 180 degrees. Visually, these stairs look really like straight out of a movie, as they produce fluent lines on all the levels. These stairways are the rage nowadays and can be easily found in modern houses. These stairs require very less space to get constructed, but the design is complex and requires professional attention to every little detail to get it perfect for your house.

So, if you want to design your staircase with some traditional or contemporary styles then you can contact the staircase designers and manufacturers. They can easily customize your staircase according to your needs and budget.


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