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What Are the Benefits of Having an Automatic Gate?

Safety and comfort are the best things to have in a residence in order to secure a premise in a practical, convenient and affordable manner. If the electric gates and special driveway gates were just meant for the rich and aristocratic in the previous times, now they are very much within the reach of people with various budgets. Organizations and businesses look forward to enhancing the security of their space by choosing special gates in the form of automatic gates. Whether it is a warehouse or any large area, the automatic has become a common choice. An automatic gate is the type of gate which draws power from the mains and runs on electricity to open the gate of the driveway. 

Automatic Gate

A wide range of options in automatic gates

When it comes to automatic gates, there are various options in style, preferences, and needs. You will find almost all kinds of gates to meet your needs and situation. Whether you want to use such gate for commercial space or residential space, you will find a suitable gate as per the application. Such gates do improve the level of comfort and security in a significant manner. The material options are also plenty including wood, steel, iron for that increased security. A wide selection of gates from basic automatic fence gates to the gigantic ones is available. Gates make use of sophisticated mechanisms and technology. However, your decision of buying any particular type of gate depends on the budget and the application.

Types of automatic gates

The easy to use, practical and convenient automatic gate is of various types:

  • Swing Gates: This is the foremost kind of automatic gate that is being used by the organizations looking for aesthetically appealing gates. It is just perfect and functional for the homes that are stately. This increases the security of the space while offering a royal touch to the place. Being automated, the gate operates with the help of a remote control. Swing gate may be availed with extra features like electric pulses, barbed wires to completely deter the intruders.
  • Sliding gates: When compared to the swing gate, the sliding gate offers more security. It is very difficult to force open this type of gate. Having a rigid structure, the swing gate carries less of vulnerable points. A sliding gate may be even as large as 15 meters in width. You can buy the sliding automatic gate for every kind of commercial space.
  • Bi-folding or speed automatic gates: Bi-fold gates or speed gates is called so because it takes very less time to open and close the gate. It is best meant for high traffic commercial areas like schools, banks, car parks. If you want you can use your logo when designing the bi-fold gate.
  • Barrier gate: This is another type of automatic gate which is used in the toll booths, garages, traffic control areas. Its chief components are breakaway gate arm, housing at the departure and motor assembly. The popular type of automatic gate can help reduce the speed and violations through the toll lane.
  • Telescopic Gates: Being similar to the sliding gate, the telescopic gate takes less amount of space. When you open this automatic gate, its sections tend to overlap each other. So, wherever security is of prime importance, this kind of gate can be used. You may operate the gate through different access controls. If needed, paint the gate.

So, among the various kinds of automatic gates, choices can be made. Before choosing an automatic gate, you should consider the options and then make any purchase.


3 thoughts on “What Are the Benefits of Having an Automatic Gate?

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting an automatic gate, and I think that being able to look at the different kinds would be good. I’m glad you talked about swing gates, and I think that would be the kind that I would like for our home. I’m going to have to look for a good automatic gate installer, and see what we can find! Thanks!


  2. I liked that you mentioned how much types of automatic gates there are. I am especially interested in the sliding gate that you mentioned since they offer more security while being quite durable. That’s why it should work perfectly with our new home’s security system. I’ll have this one installed ASAP. I’ll look into the repairs too so that we’ll be ready when need be. Thanks!


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