When Would You Opt for Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is a specialized branch which deals with physiotherapy required for sports people. As we know sports injuries are different from the normal day-to-day injuries and require specialized treatment. Athletes require a performance of a high-level and this causes a lot of stress and strain to their body muscles, bones and joints. Sports physiotherapists help the sports men to recover from their injuries quickly and also advice them on measures to be adapted which can prevent these injuries. Sometime you can see that players get injured on field and their sports physiotherapist will help them to recover instantly. Physiotherapy is a long term treatment and people who got injured by any road accidents they need to go for these treatments also. After any orthopedic surgery, patients need to take bed rest for a long time and they cannot able to move after this timeline. In this case, they can consult with some sports physiotherapist and they will prescribe some regular exercise and help them to recover to their earlier stage. Apart from that, physiotherapy can also remove the long term pains.

Sports Physiotherapy

What are the benefits of sports physiotherapy?

#1. Basic care for injuries:

You are advised on the basic care to betaken with a sports injury. This is using the hot and cold compress in the right manner for immediate relief. With this the athlete can engage in the exercises which are prescribed by their physiotherapist and they can remove their muscle pains in this way. Besides the pain being handled this also tends to bring down the swelling.

#2. Exercise routines personalized:

An experienced sports physiotherapist can work out a personalized exercise for each sports person in accordance to the requirement of the specific sports. These exercises can be done even with an injury. The sports person is able to perform well as these exercises are safe and controlled. The physiotherapist ensures that the exercise does not push the person too far. This ensures there is no flare up of the existing injury.

#3. Regaining flexibility:

Some methods of sports physiotherapy which involve stretching, and exercises for strengthening, can help the sports person regain flexibility and balance. Shock waves and ultra sound is also used by the physiotherapists at times.

Difference between therapists and sports physiotherapists:

Sports Physiotherapists

#1. Physiotherapists:

General physiotherapists can maintain the health of any patient by helping them in the pain management and also prevention of diseases. Some conditions treated by physiotherapists are

  • Cardiovascular (rehabilitation after a heart attack, cardiovascular)
  • Neuro- musculoskeletal (disorder associated with whiplash, back pain, arthritis and sports injuries)
  • Neurological (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke)
  • Respiratory (pulmonary disease which is chronic obstructive, asthma and cystic fibrosis)

Physiotherapists have a medical background for treating different illnesses, neurological problems, diseases and issues related to the respiratory system. They can make a patient comfortable enough to face their daily routine.

#2. Sports therapists:

Sports physiotherapists specialize in specific prevention of injuries connected to sports besides rehabilitating of patients back to the optimum levels of occupational, functional and fitness which is specific to sports regardless of ability and age. The principles of sports are utilized for preparing the sports person for not only training but also competition and work, where applicable.

A sport specific background and focusing on musculoskeletal rehabilitation, sports physiotherapists are perfect for those who aim to get back to exercising and sports.

Research and asking around can help you make the right choice in the sports physiotherapists. It is important to find one within your niche. The sports physiotherapists should attend to the needs connected with the source of pain and work out a routine which can help you in getting relief as soon as possible. Make sure you are advised on preventive measures to be taken to avoid future injuries.


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