Some Important Tips to Choose A Reliable Car Mechanic

If it is your new car or first paid service, looking for a reliable mechanic is very important or else it can have an adverse effect on your car conditions and can inflate the prices.

Here are few tips to choose a good car mechanic and ensure that you safeguard yourself from any false prices.


Research Well

  1. Before choosing your car mechanic, please well research the market for available options. He must be certified with the most popular certification i.e. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and in today’s time mostly all the technicians have this certification.
  2. Look for affiliations with best automotive brands. Occasionally, big brands affiliate with these local repair shops. Therefore, this impacts the overall service they provide. Sometimes, these big brands also train these local shop mechanics on various modern and efficient techniques to service your car.
  3. Consult your relatives, friends, and colleagues for their car service experience, and where they got it done. You can read various reviews available online to help you choose the right person for the job.

Visit the repair shop

Before you finally submit your car for repair, you must visit the car repair shop and meet the person who is responsible for repairs. Walk around the facility. In case, there are various classic cars lined up for repair, it means the mechanics are good at their work.

The workshop floor should be well managed and clean. Ask them to show you the parts they use. They must be from the original manufacturer. The workshop’s appearance can tell you a lot about the car repair shop and quality of work they would provide.

Car Mechanic

Look for specialization

If you need some special kind of work done on your car, look for someone who is specialized in that kind of task. Specialized people may cost a bit more but the work they do would be satisfactory and would retain your peace of mind. Or else, many a times the car malfunctions after the repair is done and it’s very tiresome to get the malfunctioning car start to function as original again.

Also, car shops with many specialized technicians is a good option to get your car serviced since this ensures that the car shop invests in training its staff and have deployed knowledgeable mechanics to work.


After you have selected a few car shops providing the satisfactory services, now you can compare their prices and ease of service they provide. Also, counter the reason why one is providing the same service at lower prices than other does. This will help you make a fair decision.

Many car service providers have add-on facilities like pick and drop of your vehicle, certain free check car health checkups, cut down on labor cost due to certain ongoing offer, etc. Do not miss to ask for these extra facilities and avail them to ease you on both the pocket and getting the work done.

After Service check

After your car is serviced, check for the functioning of your car. See all the things are intact as before. You must drive past the car to see if it’s functioning better than before or not. Check the functionality of your horn, air conditioner and music system, as well. Sometimes, while repairing, they somehow disturb their wiring which can cause disruption to their functioning.

Ask the mechanic to submit old replaced parts of your car. Ask for recommendations for your car to function well and have a longer life. Many times, they may judge while repairing, that you are clutching your accelerator too low or your tires need a replacement, or any of your car part is malfunctioning. These early signs can help you save yourself from mid-way car break and probable accidents.


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