How to Find the Right Mattress for You

A major factor that ensures a comfortable and uninterruptible sleep is a comfortable and quality mattress. Thus, if you have been experiencing uncomfortable sleep and wake up tired or achy despite avoiding physical exertion, it is time to let go of that lumpy and saggy mattress and replace it with a newer one. If you are particularly looking for a single mattress, you should be aware of the variety in which it is available so that you are able to choose the right one for yourself.


5 Types of Mattresses Available

Depending on your needs and requirements, the various types of mattresses that you can choose from include the following:

Innerspring Mattress

These are the traditional mattresses that consist of a steel coil support system. The design, shape, and number of these springs may vary in different support systems. The innerspring is further covered by padding or upholstery material such as foams and fiber.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a very popular type of mattress owing to its property of molding and converting into the shape of your body once you lie on it. Mostly polyurethane, these mattresses are topped with a layer of viscoelastic material and are great for people suffering from back and joint pain.


This is another type of mattress wherein layers of springy latex is used in the core as a support system. The material provides proper alignment thereby preventing pain in sensitive areas prone to aches such as the lower back. Although quite expensive, these mattresses are durable and resilient and maintain their shape.

Gel Mattress

As the name suggests, gel mattresses consist of foam that contains gel in the support system or upholstery layers. This gel foam offers different levels of feel and comfort to different people through its heat dissipation property.

Hybrid Mattress

In a hybrid mattress, the support systems of both, the inner spring and the memory foam mattress are combined. Thus, this type of mattress includes the benefits of memory foam and the classic look and feel of the traditional innerspring mattress. These mattresses are also a great option for people looking for an inexpensive version of the memory foam mattresses.

Tips to Buy a Mattress

Lifestyle and Personal Needs: Consider your lifestyle, and look for the features that should be in a mattress to provide comfort in the required areas. This also includes your sleeping style and body type. While those who sleep on the side need a surface with a lot of pressure relief, those who sleep on their stomach would need a firm surface for support such as an innerspring or latex mattress. You should also consider any allergies to dust mites or mold that you may be having and get an allergy-resistant cover on the mattress accordingly.

Mattress for You
Mattress for You

Reputable Seller: After choosing the type of mattress you are looking for, make sure that you buy it from a reputable seller. Warranties can be a hoax and may contain additional terms and conditions. Instead, make sure that the supplier has a reliable return policy and offers full return and credit towards another mattress. Some companies may even provide you with a free pickup facility over return or exchange on the item. Overall, make sure to get the mattress from a reputable seller as it will ensure that you get the quality product that lasts long and performs well. You can check for customer reviews for such companies online to make sure that the product offered to you by them adhere to quality parameters.


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