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4 Key Reasons Why You Should Render Your House

Ever noticed how each exterior wall of the houses in your locality is different from each other? You see a mixture of properties, some with exposed brick exterior, some are modern, some are old, some are covered with a coat of cement rendering. Cement rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone or mud brick. It is often textured, painted after application or colored. Generally, it is used on exterior walls but can be used on an internal wall as a feature.

Rendering Your Home

Traditionally, rendering was just spreading concrete mixture over the surface of the walls to “render” it smooth or textured. Today, wall rendering is at a whole new level. There are various types of rendering your wall can get along with some added benefits to it. It includes traditional cement rendering, colored rendering and acrylic rendering. The color rendering is similar to the cement one. The only difference is the addition of the desired color in the process.

Rendering on internal or external wall surfaces will significantly improve the waterproofing, fire-rating and even the appearance of a home. Let us go through the various reasons why you should render your property.

#1 The number one reason for rendering property is to dramatically improve the look of the house. A simple wall rendering can brighten up the entire house. A rendered wall gives a more elegant, sophisticated and a cleaner finish whereas others give a more rustic look in its appearance.

#2 Another key reason to get your property rendered in that this process will add a lot of value to the existing one. Its main purpose is to be durable and should last for many years. It does not only add value but gives it a big boost in terms of appearance.

#3 Insulation of your property is another key feature of rendering a house. Wall rendering will not only boost its appearance but also helps insulate your home. A well-insulated house is always in high demand as it is and ensures an extended life of the property. With this wall rendering, you get you house insulted and there will be no complaints about warm air leaking out or cold air leaking in. Wall rendering thus ensures the thermal performance is at its highest!

#4 With the help of getting a wall rendering done on your property, you will eradicate water ingress or penetrate damp issues. Some forms of bricks, especially in exposed area, is liable to damp if exposed the elements over a long period of time. Water can penetrate through the bricks and into the host house causing various problems. Adding a layer of rendering to your house will block the path of the penetrating water stopping the damping of the walls and remain clear of these issues.

Wall Rendering
Wall Rendering

Though rendering is usually seen as a higher cost exercise it can literally add a lot of value to your house and give a much nicer look to the building. It is not only about beauty and appearance, as it gives added strength to the house. It almost acts as weatherproofing the house as all the natural elements like heat, cold, moisture and rains can spoil the buildings in due course of time. With this wall rendering process, you will be shielding your house from extreme weather conditions and prolong the life of your home. Also, if you are considering selling your house, wall rendering will not only enhance your property and make it look much newer that before. It is like giving a facelift to your home.


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