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Everything You Need to Know About Home Rendering

Have you decided on rendering your home? In that case, you have to decide and think about many things from the beginning. The cost will obviously be one of the important factors. Next, come quality, a time needed, prerequisites, etc. When you are getting suggestions that your house needs rendering, you must speculate a few things one after another. First, you must know the advantages of rendering the house.


What are The Advantages of Home Rendering?

If you are spending money on rendering, then there must be reasons for the same. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Rendering prepares the exterior walls to face the weather and nature.
  2. The structure of the walls, the house is doubly protected when the walls are rendered, and the interior is saved from the mold mildew and impacts. The overall durability of the walls is maximized by the cement render coats.
  3. If you have to paint the exterior of the house, then one coat of rendering prepares them the best to accept the paint such that the paint stays on for long and does not chip off.
  4. A good rendering with textures or patterns may not need a paint coat for aesthetics, as the well-rendered walls itself presents a good show.
  5. The value of the property can increase by 10 times if the exteriors and even the interiors are rendered well by a good quality mixture and highly reputed service.
  6. The property looks good, healthy, and favourable for property staging.

How to Know If the Home Needs a Rendering?

You must gauge if the home needs a rendering before you invest for the same. If you had rendered the walls a few years back, and they are in a good state, then you need not render again immediately unless you are facing some kind of problems like moisture, molds, mosses, or chipping paints, etc.

However, to make the exteriors look fresh and smart, in case you are aiming to beautify the property for staging it, you may go for a rendering now. In addition, if the home is new, the brick walls never got a coat of cement render you should immediately coat the walls with cement render.

What Will Be the Cost of Rendering?

The cost of rendering will not be too high to make you bankrupt. Since you will be investing on rendering once in ten years or so, you will be able to bear the cost without much difficulty. The cost has also gone down as rendering has become much popular than earlier. If the area of exterior walls in the home is close to 400 sq meters, then at the rate of $30 per sq meter the total costing may come around $12000, and in case the rate is as high as $50 sqm, the rate would be around $20000. Hence, it is affordable.

How Would You Choose a Home Rendering Service?

Home Rendering
Home Rendering

Choosing a good rendering service is much important. So that, you can be sure that your money is invested into useful services, and you would be benefitted from it. If you have certain plans of beautifying the house aesthetically, then you should talk about your vision to the rendering service you plan to hire. A good rendering service will give you lots of options and show you a catalog with pictures of their completed projects, and what they can do, so that, your decisions making gets easy. Don’t forget to check with the experience of the company in providing the service to various customers you are going to hire so that every bit of money you invest gives you good returns.


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