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Kitchen Benchtops – How to Choose the Right One?

Renovating a kitchen or opting to design a new kitchen, you need to be aware that no kitchen can be complete without an apt bench top. As there are multiple choices available, it might get a little confusing in choosing the right one. Some information on the different kitchen benchtops can make the whole process a bit easier. There are many ways in which you can hire a kitchen interior designer to get the best-customized benchtops installed in your kitchen. Right from the materials, to the color, design, and textures, you will have loads of options when it comes to remodeling your kitchen and installing a nice benchtop.

Plan to Design Your Kitchen Benchtops

#1. Laminate Kitchen benchtops:

  • Laminate tends to be one of the most affordable options available for a bench top for your kitchen.  You can even think of customizing this in accordance to the looks of your kitchen.
  •  Cleaning laminate bench tops is easy and quick, as this does not require any specific chemicals to do so.
  • You can call this a ‘hygienic’ option, as this does not harbor the growth of any microorganisms, which include mold, mildew or any bacteria.

#2. Granite Benchtops:

These bench tops are of a natural stone. As the surface is as hard as a diamond, it tends to be ideal for a kitchen benchtop. You can relax once you have opted for this as it is resistant to scratch and stains besides which, this does not require any type of sealing. You can choose in different colors and patterns so that this can blend well with your kitchen. For small kitchens, granite benchtops can be the perfect option, but for large kitchens, you can experiment with textured granites, grained designs and even half-polished coarse granite bases.

#3. Quartz Benchtops:

Stain and scratch resistant this quartz benchtop can enhance the looks of any kitchen. The only requirement with this bench top is that it should not be exposed to sunlight. Quartz offers a luxurious look to your kitchen.

#4. Acrylic Benchtops:

Acrylic bench tops work out affordable as compared to the ones made in natural stone. These are a preferred choice among many homeowners as they can be easily repaired or even renewed. Checking out the warranty is an essential requirement with these benchtops. The acrylic bench tops can be cleaned with ease and do not react to chemicals present in normal cleaners.

#5. Marble Benchtops:

Kitchen Benchtops

Marble is a classic timeless beauty opted for by many homeowners. This is made from limestone and tends to be softer as compared to granite. Due to the softness of this material, it can be cut easily without getting chipped or cracked. Marble is also resistant to heat and tends to remain cool in all seasons. Though expensive, the marble bench tops are easily available. This material requires more maintenance and sealing on a regular basis.

#6. Stainless Steel Benchtops:

Opting for stainless steel, you are assured of the longevity factor. This is considered as a hygienic option as it is easily cleaned and maintained. Stainless steel is one material, which is not damaged even if you place a hot vessel on this. Cleaning this with specific stainless steel cleaners is advisable.

Multiple manufacturers who offer you the various choices in different kitchen bench tops. Ensure they have a reputation as this can assure you of the quality. An online search for these manufacturers can make your search easier. Consider your budget before you plan to design your kitchen benchtops. For instance, you can choose the slate benchtops if you are tight on a budget, as these benchtops are resistant to chemical spills, heat and they are extremely durable. This will make your search easier. You also need to consider how much time you can spend on the cleaning and the maintenance of the bench top.


One thought on “Kitchen Benchtops – How to Choose the Right One?

  1. Thanks for explaining some good bench top options for a kitchen. I didn’t know about quartz ones or that they shouldn’t be exposed to long sunlight. It definitely sounds important to make sure you understand the layout of the kitchen so that you can make a good decision, like when the light will come through the windows at different points in the day.


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