Know the Details About Car Servicing

A car service, as indicated by the name is a series of procedures of maintenance followed one after the other at a set interval of time or after the car has traveled a certain distance. Car service is also important if the car does not perform, the way it should be or any other kind of problem that may arise at any point of time. The BMW car manufacturers specify the service intervals in a BMW service schedule and in some of the cases, the exact due date of the next service of the car is displayed electronically on the instrument panel. The record of the number of services completed is mention in a special type of book known as the car service book. Further, the service center put stamp after the completion of the service. This service history of the car plays a crucial role in increasing the resale value of the car.

The Schedule of Car Service

Schedule of Car Service

The actual BMW service schedule varies and it depends on a number of factors mentioned below.

  • The year of manufacture of the car
  • The model of the car
  • The driving conditions of the car
  • The distance traveled by car
  • The behavior of the driver

There Are Two Types of Service Scheduling:

  1. Ideal service schedule – This service schedule is exactly when the service becomes due when the car runs under the ideal conditions.
  2. Extreme service schedule – This service schedule is required when the car has to undergo some extreme running conditions.

The car manufacturers suggest the ideal BMW service maintenance schedule or the extreme service schedule based on the effect of some parameters that influence the car, which is as follows.

BMW Service Schedule
  • The total number of trips and the distance traveled by car on a daily basis. The average distance traveled per day is taken into consideration to arrive at a BMW service due date.
  • Next, the service due date depends on the climatic conditions, which are extreme heat or severe cold conditions of the climate that the car has to face. The harsher is the conditions of the climate, the more frequent the car would require the servicing.
  • The schedule of service also depends on the conditions of driving of the car. It depends on the conditions of the road, whether the road is dusty, hilly, or icy. The condition of the road is an important factor in determining that how frequent or within what span of time the car would require a servicing to keep it in an optimum running condition.
  • One important factor that helps in the determination of the servicing scheduling of a car is the number of heavy stops and then go versus a complete long distance travel. If the car frequently stops while traveling, then the car need a servicing within a less span of time as compared to a long distance traveling where frequent stopping is avoided.

The experienced BMW service advisors in the service centers recommend much better car service schedule since they have hands on experience in dealing with a huge number of cars on a regular basis. They suggest the service scheduling, which lies between the ideal service schedule and the extreme service schedule. They recommend this service schedule based on mainly the conditions of driving and the behavior of the driver of the car or its owner.

Thus, it is clear how the schedule of BMW service is determined and what factors are important to consider. In addition, the servicing of the car plays a vital role in maintaining the overall good condition of the car.


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