Tips to Buy the Best Juice Press Machine

Fresh juices on a store’s shelves are no more the fresh juice products. Although a number of juice brands around the globe claim to be the best suppliers of fresh juices, most of them are less fresh and their products are also less nutritious. There are high chances that you are spending your hard-earned money on something that is not benefiting your body.

If these juices aren’t safe to drink, what you should do to provide your body a nutritious treat? The best way is to get a juice press machine and prepare healthy juice at home. So, if you have also decided to buy a juicer, make sure you are getting one belonging to a brand and falling within your budget. Here’s are some more tips to buy the best juice presser machine:

Decide the Kind of Juicer You Need

When you are in the marker searching for a perfect juicer, you will come across various types of juice machine that will have their own applications and price. You can get one depending on your budget and what type of juicer you really need. You can do that by considering what kind of fruit and vegetables you are going to juice. Although most of the juice machines are capable of juicing everything, there may be some that only juice only some kind of fruit or veggies.

If you want a juicer with the ability to juice every fruit and vegetable, go with one that has great gears. Such juicers are powerful and easily handle various kinds of juice products. You can also use these juicing machines on pineapple cores and guava seeds.

Decide Time You Have for Juicing

It may sound weird to many, but it is necessary to figure out how much time one has for juicing as many kinds of juicers take a long time for the procedure. Even if you have a fast juicer, you will be needed to spend some minutes preparing for juicing. In addition, you will need some time to spend in cleaning the juicer once the juicing procedure is done.

However, if you don’t have much time for all this, you could go with high-quality juicing machines that are easy to clean and do not heat easily. These machines may be costlier than ordinary juicers, but they are more beneficial and easy-to-maintained than others.

Decide: Blender or Nutribullet

Before start exploring the market, ensure that you know whether you will buy a blender or Nutribullet. There’s huge difference between the two of them. A blender is a juicing machine that doesn’t separate juice and pulp of a product and mixes everything. If you are using this machine, get ready to taste smoothies-like juice, instead of a drink that only has liquid. You may also come across some blenders with filter, but still, they do not filter every pulp of a product. In addition, they may be huge is a size and would require some time for the cleaning process.

Juice Press Machine
Juice Press Machine

If you don’t have time to especially focus on juicing procedure, you could go with Nutribullet. It is a mini blender which has become popular these days among juice lovers. It directly blends the fruit in a cup, which means you will have a healthy juice without wasting time on cleaning and filtering.

Decide Your Budget

Start your exploration on the perfect juicer after deciding how much you can spend on a juicing machine. In the market, you will find various types of juicers at different prices. So, decide what type of juicer you need and what should be the amount you are going to pay.


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