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7 Important Benefits of Gabion Stone

There are many places where you might have seen gabion stone. However, you might not have realized that is gabion stone. These are mainly in the form of stone wire baskets. These kinds of stones are utilized from a long time and it is not a new thing. The best part of the stone is that they are highly dependable and time-tested having numerous use and benefits.

The term gabion means big cage. It is just like as it is the enclosures, which are filled with the inorganic material such as brick, broken concrete or stone. The main purpose of this stone is in protecting riverbanks, slopes, from erosion and shorelines. These are normally in the form of mattress. Gabion stone offers many advantages and they are widely used these days. Following are some of the advantages of this kind of stone:

Gabion Stone
Gabion Stone

Offers Great Flexibility

A great benefit that the double twisted gabions have is that they are highly flexible for individual structures. These stones are able to tolerate various kinds of settlements without any kind of failure. This kind of structure become significant for the structures that are developed over the unstable soil or in the areas where there are waves or currents, which can disturb the structural settlement to a great extent.

Cost Effective

Moreover, you will be glad to know that gabion stone with wire mesh are less expensive. When compared to another kind of construction materials. These kinds of stones are actually available from the quarries and the builder’s merchants. The materials that are of no use like crushed concrete and other such things are used to make this kind of stones. The transportation cost for this stone is also very less.

Less Cost of Construction

As mentioned earlier, these stones can be cost effective. However, the construction cost of the stone is also very inexpensive. This is because these are simple to construct and needs fewer tools, unskilled labor, no provision for drainage, very fewer foundation preparations, etc. In addition, when developed in the right manner for a permanent structure the maintenance of this stone becomes very less.

Very Powerful

The gabion stone is one of the mattress stone that is very powerful in strength. This is the reason it can sustain the forces developed through the earth masses and the water. The strength characteristics of the gabion are a meshed tensile high strength, mesh punch high strength, resistance to corrosion, etc.

Long Lasting

It is one of the stones that is developed from great strength twisted hexagonal filled mesh through the natural durable and hard stone. It is connected well for forming a mass structure that is able to undergo structural movement, that too, without any kind of loss due to structural integrity. Due to this, it is possible to develop great durable structures with it.

Reliable Option

As mentioned above that the stone is durable and has great strength reflects that it is one of the reliable stone options available today. This kind of stone has a successful history in structural development and is being used in the various parts of the world.


When gabion stone is well developed with utmost care, it can build a very pleasing structure. It is not like other materials such as modular block walls. The stone does not discolor because of the drainage. In case, the stone is placed since a long time, it becomes stronger. Moreover, when it has some vegetation around, it offers a great aesthetic look.

Gabion Wall
Gabion Wall

Hence, these are some of the advantages offered by the gabion stone.


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