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Some of the Top Benefits offered by a Cold Pressed Juicer

It is definitely great to have juice a regular basis. Be it fruits or vegetables, you must include some kind of juice in your daily diet. With time the technologies associated with juicing machines have developed a lot. The juicers have turned out to be better and much more efficient for sure. However, the cold pressed juicer is gaining a lot of popularity in most parts around the world.

Cold Pressed Juicer
Cold Pressed Juicer

There are numerous benefits and positive aspects of this juicing technique. In cold pressed juicer, a hydraulic press is brought into use. With the power of a hydraulic press, the juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable without any heat. Like we know, the centrifugal method is a prime aspect of the traditional juicers, which is absent in the case of cold pressed juicers. Mentioned below are some of the highlights in cold pressed juicer that you should consider before buying it.

Why Purchase a Cold Pressed Juicer?

  • In the commercial juicing techniques involving the conventional juicers, heat is applied. This heat causes a lot of damage to the natural enzymes that are present in the fruits and vegetables. Now, it is true that these enzymes are quite beneficial for our health, particularly in strengthening our body. This is the reason why cold pressed juicer has gained so much popularity around the world. This technique effectively takes out the juice from the fruits and vegetables without destroying the enzymes.
  • Apart from the heat that causes a destruction of enzymes, the centrifugal force is also a similar factor that needs to be taken into consideration. In a case of conventional juicers, the centrifugal force generated during the spinning of juice causes the enzyme to die. But, this does not happen in the case of cold pressed juicer.
  • The longevity or shelf life of juice extracted through the cold pressed technique is much longer when compared to that of a conventional technique. The reason behind this is the application of heat in the process. Since heat is used in the conventional methods, therefore it kills the good bacteria in the juice, which in turn causes an imbalance. As a result, the process of oxidation quickens up, and this leads to a decrease in the shelf life of the juice. So, if you want your juice to remain fresh for several days then go for the cold pressed juicing technique.
  • When it comes to the efficiency of extracting the maximum amount of juice from a fruit or vegetable, the cold pressed juicers certainly prove to be the better one. Unlike the conventional juicers, the cold pressed ones are able to deliver a better performance. They can squeeze out more amount of juice in less amount of time.
  • If you are planning to cleanse your body, then juices are definitely the right choice. You should include them in your diet. But, the cleansing process improves significantly if the juice is extracted through the cold pressing technique. The content of soluble fiber does not get affected significantly in this case. As a result, your body receives more amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes as well.
  • Without any doubt, the juice extracted through the cold pressed technique is much healthier when compared to the one obtained by conventional juicers. Apart from feeling more energetic, the immune power of your body will also get increased.
Juice Presser
Juice Presser

In addition to them, there are more benefits that a cold pressed juicer can provide you. So, purchase a good quality juicer, based on this new technology, and enjoy the benefits.


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