Some Important Aspects About Hydraulic Jack Repair

The hydraulic jack is one of the important machines when it comes to mechanical tasks and industries. These jacks are strong and sturdy enough to lift more times their weight. These are small and appear to be light weight compared to the weight they lift, but, possess enormous strength. Just like any other machines, however, these ones are also subject to damage. If you can identify the weak points of these machines, you can repair those in no time. Use these tips to know about how easily one can opt to go for hydraulic jack repair system.

Hydraulic Jack
Hydraulic Jack

The Parts You Need to Repair the Hydraulic Jack

There are few very important parts such as the cylinder and the pump plunger that you need to check first. The seals and the check balls of these parts need to function smoothly, to avoid any kind of damage. You can get these parts online or from the shop directly too. You can compare the price from different websites and then settle for the new ones. As these parts are quite expensive, you can save money and then buy these too. Since exchanging these items could be a problem, it is better to consider the parts required to be bought for repairing the hydraulic jacks.

What Can Be the Possible Damages in This Case?

There can be various kinds of damages to the several parts of the jacks. Examine those carefully to know about those damages and the repair process:

  • In case is the ram is damaged, that means there is not sufficient oil in the reservoir. Service jack suffers mostly from this problem. If this happens, air can get accumulated through the damaged jack and it does not allow the ram to lift up. One can repair it by checking whether the hydraulic fluid is leveled or not. If it is not, then fill it with the hydraulic oil. Be sure not to use various kinds of oil as it can cause severe damages to the reservoir. The presence of certain acidity level along with harmful chemicals can also cause the damage of protective seals. In order to clear the accumulated air, turn the release position of the damaged jack.
  • Oil leakage happens when there is a presence of damaged O-rings or the seals. This can happen when one uses excessive motor oil as another kind of substitute. Try to look for internal damages as well. A lot of time is needed to repair this kind of damages along with a certain set of machinery. You can easily ask help from someone with prior experience, to assist you in this job.
  • Damages due to the overload valve are a factor. This can happen when the valve gets turned occasionally. This is a problem for the starters. Due to obvious reason, sometimes the newcomers become confused regarding the oil filler port and they tend to open it, irrespective of the warning sign. It is better to seek help from the hydraulic jack repair experts. Definitely, does not take much time in case of expertise, but only with the professionally practicing ones.
Hydraulic Jack Repair
Hydraulic Jack Repair

Apart from these technical concerns, another important thing you need to consider is the cost of repair. If you do not have much idea, it is better to ask experienced people from your neighborhood family and friends. There are various kinds of websites too, from where you can be aware of the market price. If you happen to have the repair kit, you can access the manual guide to repairing too. This way you can do it safely.


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