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Trending Types of Boardroom Tables You Can Choose From

You can say that a business or an organization is run from its boardroom because that’s where managers and directors meet to plan strategies, take major decisions and discuss important matters with their clients. It is of utmost importance than that you plan the interiors of your boardroom such that it is conducive to excellence and impresses your clients. You need boardroom tables that are just the right blend of traditional and modern characteristics to achieve this.

Sleek boardroom tables give your office a sophisticated edge. You can choose from wide range of available sizes – choose an elegant large table that’s boat-shaped or a small round one depending on your need. Expandable modular tables are really awesome. Get one for your office if you foresee the need for a larger meeting space in the future. The table can have a wood, metal or glass top to complement the interiors of the boardroom. If you’d like to emphasize a healthy lifestyle, consider buying a boardroom table with standing height.

Boardroom Tables in Wood and Glass Finishes

One option is a table with a classic wood grain finish. It offers a warm traditional look with a modern appeal. Popular finish options in wood are black cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut and traditional cherry tones.

Boardroom Tables Melbourne
Boardroom Tables Melbourne

Another option is an elegant table with a glass top and metal base. The clear glass top gives an illusion of space and the sleek shine of the metal base enhances that effect. Incorporating such a table will create a sophisticated minimalistic professional air. This will surely impress your clients and other guests. In addition to this, glass does not scratch and dent easily so your boardroom table will last for many years in your office. To maintain the crisp clear look of the table, it must be kept clean at all times since glass usually smudges and shows fingerprints easily after use. This is not a tiresome chore. It can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth from time to time. Regular glass cleaners can also be used safely.

Modular and High Tech Boardroom Tables

Create a versatile boardroom with popular modular boardroom tables. These are made of sections that you can arrange together to form a bigger table. Your boardroom can be used in multiple ways with such a table. You can expand these tables. If your organization is small at the moment, get a modular table according to your present requirement and later expand it by simply adding another section to it when your organization grows. In this way, you don’t need to invest big right now or purchase a whole new table later. The surfaces of modular tables are made of high-quality laminate and the legs are made of heavy duty metal ensuring durability. You can make a choice from a variety of finishes to match your room or office theme.

Boardroom Tables
Boardroom Tables

If you plan on use laptops, projectors, and other electronic gadgets during your meetings in the boardroom, there may be times when it may get messy and chaotic with all the wires hanging and getting caught. A solution to this is to power up your space with a great boardroom table that uses cutting edge technology. You can fit your table with high-tech modules including Audio, HDMI, Phone, USB and three prong power input options. This will definitely give your boardroom an ultra-modern appeal while adding to the utility value at the same time. These tables feature leg passageways to neatly contain unsightly wires and make sure that they are routed properly. Choose your preferred size and finish and make your boardroom stand apart from the rest.


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