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Choose Retaining Wall Stone from Different Categories

It certainly feels great to spend quality time in the outdoor living space of our house, particularly with friends and family. No matter if the outdoor living space is a small or a large one, there are many ways to make it more functional and attractive as well. In this case, the retaining wall stone certainly play a major role. These walls are simple structures that are designed to hold the earth or the soil. It could be on the same level or two different elevations. This is the reason why retaining wall stones are always in demand in the hilly regions.

Stone is undoubtedly the best material for this purpose. Even though concrete is also an apt choice, but the aesthetic appeal rendered by a retaining wall stone is definitely impeccable. In this category, you can choose from a wide range of stones in terms of size and appearance. With their help, you can make your garden look more organized and beautiful for sure. All that you need to do is to pick the right sized stones and use your creativity to come up with a beautiful pattern. In order to help you out, let us provide some useful information in this regard.

Types of Retaining Wall Stone

Retaining Wall Stone
Retaining Wall Stone

As a matter of fact, there are three types of stone walls that are available for you to choose from. They are-boulder walls, cut stone walls, and the rubble walls. Below is a little description about each of them:

• Rubble Wall- In order to build this kind of retaining wall, you will have to use stones of variable or random sizes. They need to be placed together very tightly, and the friction between them will provide strength to the entire wall. In order to add elements of creativity, you can choose stones of different colors and shapes. No doubt, it takes some good amount of time to build this kind of retaining wall stone. For best results, you must begin with a broad base and then narrow the steps and you go higher. In order to add more stability, you can fill the voids with gravel.

• Cut Stone Wall- Just like the name suggests, this kind of retaining wall is made by using bricks of stones. Stones are cut into brick kind of shape, but the size remains a little larger. Since they are cut with the help of machines, therefore all the bricks have more or less the same size. For this reason, it is easier and quicker to make retaining wall stone with these pieces. You might have come across this kind of retaining stone walls. This category of the stone wall is more apt for regions that are more prone to landslides.

• Boulder Wall- Made from pebbles and round flints, this category of retaining wall stone is quite like the rubble one. However, the stones used in this case are much heavier when compared to that of a rubble wall. Instead of friction, gravity acts as the main force adding strength to the wall. Considering the large size of stones used, the cost of transporting the material is definitely higher in this case. But, for controlling the erosion of soil, this kind of wall is very much effective.

Wall Stone
Wall Stone

Hence, those were the three major types of retaining stone walls that you can consider when going for the retaining wall stone. Before choosing a supplier for the raw materials, it would be really wise to compare the rates. If you want to obtain the best results, then it is important to focus on the experience of the company. This will help you get a durable and reliable construction for a long time.


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