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CCTV Camera Installation – Is It for You?

The security and safety of family and belongings are the paramount concern of any individual. However, not everyone feels that it is important to install home security systems. Some believe that CCTV camera installation is only needed if you own expensive items. On the other hand, others try avoiding it because they feel CCTV camera installation is an overwhelming task due to the many steps and manual labor involved. Surprisingly, all of us can benefit from home security systems and CCTV camera installation, and with the right tools and knowledge, it can be an easy task. So to help you out consider all factors and make the best of CCTV camera installation here are some tips for you.

Home Security Systems
Home Security Systems with CCTV Cameras

How Can CCTV Cameras Help You?

CCTV cameras can help you record and secure a location either inside or outside your home. You can attach these cameras to an alarm system that goes off when an intruder comes in or which informs the officials, neighbours or other individuals. The video can be taped to be watched later or you can watch what is happening in your house from anywhere in the world.

CCTV Camera Installation
CCTV Camera Installation

So now that we have come to the conclusion that CCTV can be beneficial for us, the next thing to decide is where they should be installed. Some ideal locations to consider are the front door, back door, backyard, driveways, windows that are out of the public’s vision, and basement stairs to name a few. You could draw a blueprint of your house and examine the locations that need heightened security such as blind spots. While doing this, it is important to think like a burglar, so that you can maximise security and leave no stone unturned. When implementing a CCTV camera installation that covers the doors of your house, ensures that it is kept out of reach of humans or is protected from any possible interference. If needed, you could install dummy cameras to fool thieves and a real one well hidden from sight.

Choosing The Right Type Of Camera

The fact that there are so many types of CCTV cameras in the market drives away many from even thinking of CCTV camera installation. So to simplify this for you, here are the basic types for your consideration:

1. IP Cameras:

IP cameras help in viewing the video remotely from anywhere in the world on a laptop or even your mobile device using a program or mobile application.

2. Wireless vs. Wired Cameras:

Wireless cameras, unlike the wired ones, have few wires reducing the hassle of dealing with complicated cables and the headache of hiding them. Additionally, there is nothing for the burglar to cut and disable them.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Cameras:

Outdoor CCTV Camera
Outdoor CCTV Camera

These cameras can be installed either indoor or outdoor. Indoor cameras help keep a watch on family members such as kids in their room, as well as any burglar activity inside the house.

4. Motion Detection Cameras:

These are smart equipment that does not record or function 24/7. They start functioning only if it detects movement outdoors or indoors depending on the location where they are installed. This smart technology helps in saving time and money that would otherwise go in recording and process huge amounts of tape.

5. Night Vision Cameras:

These help in capturing crystal clear video even at night. They automatically switch modes to give you clear vision at night so that the thief’s activity can be captured.

So do your additional research on each of the types and consider your personalised needs as well as the budget to decide which type of camera is meant for you. Additionally, you can even buy a CCTV camera package which includes 2-3 cameras, a DVR, required cables as well as a monitor.

CCTV Camera Installation Is For You

Yes, that is right! CCTV cameras can be supremely beneficial even if you do not have too many expensive belongings. Though the installation cost is high, it is worth the investment for you, your family members and your belongings are secured. Get one for your house as well as business, and keep burglars and intruders away!


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